Biotechnology Capstone: Business Ideas and Entrepreneurial Innovation

Steven Denkin "I designed the capstone course to provide biotechnology degree seekers an opportunity to step away from the lab bench and develop an idea for an enterprise such as a new company, drug, or device."

— Steven Denkin, Program Director, Biotechnology


The capstone supports biotech students' entrepreneurial spirit, desire for creativity, and zest for innovation. In the capstone, you will produce an outstanding business plan for a new biotechnology company, a ground-breaking drug, or an emerging technology such as a diagnostic or medical device. The business plan includes background research on the idea and investigation of the following: market opportunity, market strategy, funding, intellectual property, patents, and management. At the end of the semester, you'll pitch your ideas to a panel of industry experts.

The project is faculty directed. There is a structured syllabus and a similar final project for all students. However, you choose, during the precapstone course, the company, drug, or biotechnology innovation based upon your academic passion and professional expertise.

Capstone Faculty

Steven Denkin, PhD, Director and Research Advisor, Biotechnology, Harvard Extension School and Beth Zielinski-Habershaw, PhD, Coordinator of Training, Pharmaceutical Development Institute, University of Rhode Island

Course Links

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