Digital Media Design Capstone

A quick overview:

The course, DGMD E-599 (fall term) or DGMD E-599 (spring term), provides you with the preparation for and the opportunity to complete a capstone project related to your professional interests. You can register after (1) you complete at least 32 credits and (2) you've developed an accepted capstone proposal. An acceptable proposal is one that has gone through multiple revisions with your research advisor and has been officially approved by your research advisor.

The course is offered online only in the fall and via web conference in the spring. Web conference requires you to log in every week at a particular day and time. Online only requires you to log in every week, but not at a specific day or time. Both courses offer an optional weekend during which you present your work, receive feedback, and critique other students' work. The weekend is strongly recommended, but not required if you live very far from Cambridge. Please note attending the optional weekend does not fulfill the residency requirement for the degree.

Past capstone projects include web design and development, user experience and user interface projects, web applications, instructional design, or a video production project. For the entire list of previous capstone titles visit: XXXXXXXXX.

The best advice we can give you:

Begin work on your capstone proposal the semester before your capstone registration to ensure that your project will be approved and is well designed. A strong capstone proposal sets the stage for an outstanding capstone project, one that you'll be proud to share with your professional network and will propel you to the next stage of your career.

  • Start working with your research advisor in the spring semester if you plan to register for the fall capstone.
  • Start working with your research advisor in the summer semester if you want to register for the spring capstone.