Task Summer CPT/
Fall Capstone
Fall CPT/
Spring Capstone
Students meet with Academic Advisor (AA) to confirm eligibility. Dec 15 - Jan 1 April 15 - May 1
Schedule an appt. with Dr. Hongming Wang to discuss your capstone proposal topic and identify an industry collaborator log in to your Degree Candidate Portal to schedule a time). Jan 1 - Feb 15 May 1 -  Jul 1
Register for the noncredit Precapstone Tutorial. March 2 July 25
Turn in the prework. Dr. Wang needs to ensure that your project idea and tentative research plan is acceptable. You'll be dropped from the tutorial if your prework is not approved. This deadline date should not be the first time that Dr. Wang is learning about your proposed project! See first task. Between March 1- May 15 Between July 18-August 1
Complete the tutorial. You'll move from tentatively approved prework to a clearly articulated research plan that you'll begin the following term.

Summer term

Fall term
Register for capstone.

July 25

Nov 7
Complete your capstone project. Fall term Spring term