DGMD E-599 Past Capstone Titles and Examples

Fall 2019 - Instructor: Jen Kramer


Project: Redesign for Hi-Team Training Website
Description: Hi-Team Training is a family-owned fitness studio that recently opened. The studio has a website but it is its first iteration so there are many areas of improvement to make it more user friendly, easier to navigate, and more informative and engaging. I will redesign the website with content enhancement and functionality. This includes adding and updating videos, pictures, descriptions, class schedules, and testimonials. Ultimately, by redesigning the website, this project will bring in new clients and retain them such that the studio will be even more successful.

Project: Under the Sea: An Interactive Guide to our World's Oceans
Description: One of the leading causes of climate change, among other global issues, is a lack of conservation and knowledge of our world’s oceans. This project is a web application which makes it easy for users to access popular websites about ocean conservation. It contains photos, interactive games, videos, and fun facts about the ocean and ocean animals. The goal of the project is to teach people about the ocean and get them to take action around ocean conservation efforts in a fun and interactive way.

Project: Sapienza: an app to improve learning and long-term information retention
Description: For my capstone, I focused on the usability and design of a learning application. The app is a learning platform in which users can study and learn cards from the app's library, or create their own custom cards and share them with other learners. To design the app, I conducted market research on similar existing applications, tested multiple versions of my design and built a final prototype using Adobe XD and InVision. The goal of this project is to design a usable application that once developed will increase learning efficiency and improve long-term information retention.

Project: PlaySense: Mindful Sensory Activities to Connect with Those Living with Dementia and Cognitive Decline
Description: In the absence of a shared past to draw upon, families must find new ways to connect with those afflicted with dementia. The site is a collection of mindful sensory activities that seeks to give hope, inspiration and ideas to caregivers as they accompany their loved-one through this last journey of life. The activities strive to; increase engagement and relationships; improve the quality of life through play and sensory stimulation; and foster a sense of acceptance of the loved-one’s limitations.

Project: Science Clips – Sleep 101
Description: This project will explain the mechanics of sleep and the effects of a lack of sleep through 2-D animations. Sleep is now considered to be as important as diet and exercise. Getting enough sleep is critical to overall health and preventing chronic disease.  Cellular and biological processes change over the time and these changes are the perfect subject matter to be portrayed through animation. Research has demonstrated that visualizing processes aid in learning, and animations are an effective visualization tool and aid with long-term memory retention.  Learning about the basic physiology of sleep and its critical role in our maintaining our health, can help inform lifestyle changes to improve sleep duration and quality and prevent detrimental health effects resulting from a lack of sleep.

Project: Funds Management Allocation Tool: A dynamic web application that automates tasks for Harvard University’s Funds Management team.
Description: While it is widely known that Harvard University has the largest academic endowment in the world, less known is that the funds (allocations) that make up the endowment are created by small team via manual input conversions, referencing physical guides and historical knowledge. Built using Python and JavaScript, this dynamic web application automates tasks involved with creating new allocations. The goal of this project is to significantly increase efficiency and accuracy, thereby providing a positive impact for fundraising efforts across the University.

ProjectDevelopment and Design of Church Lab Website for the Benefit of Users and Lab Executive Assistant
Description: The current Church Lab website is really more of a website for the PI, and not one representative of the lab as a whole. I am building a lab website to house and display information for an 80-member lab, which comes with a lot of content such as publications, lab members, patents, news, and events. The biggest challenge is moving all of the old content that we want to keep over to the new site, and displaying it in a pleasing, accessible way. I am using WordPress to build this website because it is very customizable, easy to keep updated, and flexible enough that I am able to customize content with custom plugins and themes. This is also a website that I will eventually be handing off to Emma, the lab's executive assistant, so I am not only working towards her specifications, but it needs to be built in a way that can be easily managed by someone who doesn't have much web experience. I have full confidence that Emma will be able to maintain and easily update the website.

ProjectHartford County Farmers' Markets
Description: I created this project to make it easier for Connecticut's residents to shop at farmers' markets in Hartford County. I moved here five years ago from California, where farmers' markets are understandably more abundant and easy to find and attend. When I moved here I found that it was hard to find a market that worked with my schedule and it made it almost impossible to patronize the markets in my community. I figured that there were other people out there struggling with the same issue so I decided to create a site where potential shoppers can find all the necessary information about markets in the county in one place. The goal of the project is to make it easier for residents to eat fresh and local.

Project: Innovative Musicianship: An online web application providing equal learning opportunities for prospective collegiate music school students through a musician-computer interactive curriculum
Summary: This online web application solves the major disadvantage for prospective collegiate music school students, which is the lack of access to materials in order to prepare for the academic portion of the collegiate music audition. Additionally, this online web application solves four major disparities built in to the current, traditional academic music program that place students at a disadvantage. The disparities are as follows.

  1. The traditional academic music curriculum is divided into three courses: music theory, ear training, and music history. In many instances the information learned in one course does not coincide with the information learned in the other courses.
  2. In addition to playing their primary instrument or singing, the students need to learn how to play piano and sing. This places an additional burden on the non-piano playing students to learn another instrument in order to learn the content.
  3. The examples given are not provided in all the clefs for the students to understand. This places those students who only know one clef at a disadvantage because they need to learn another clef in order to understand the example.
  4. The homework and examples are not current and relevant to today’s musician.
  5. online web application provides one semester of academic music content for prospective collegiate music school flute students that uses music theory as the primary focus, and includes ear training and music history as it relates to each topic. Additionally, with this web application, the student will be able to use their primary instrument in order to learn the material. The examples are provided in the multiple clefs so that all the students can understand the examples, as well as become familiar with music written in other clefs. Finally, the homework provided includes real-world examples so that the student can apply the knowledge from the academic course to real life music scenarios.

Project: Zwitch – A Chrome Browser Extension to Streamline Searches on Zillow.
Description: Searching for a house is a very time-consuming task. Even when working with a real estate agent, it is often the buyer who finds new leads first since the agents are assisting multiple clients. With the emergence of Zillow and many other real estate search engines, it is no longer just the agents with access to the latest listings. Zillow has a very robust platform which allows for quick searches using customized parameters. A major deficiency in the Zillow UX is that the property tax information is often incorrect, resulting in inaccurate monthly housing estimate shown on the site. Zwitch is a Chrome Browser Extension that can be triggered when on a Zillow search result screen and it will retrieve the current tax data for all the properties from a 3rd party source. The correct tax amount as well as the newly calculated total monthly housing expense will be appended to each property listed. This will eliminate the need to click into each property’s detail page to see the tax and allow the user to quickly scan the search result to home into the properties within their monthly budget.

Project: I Didn’t Think It Could Happen To Me: A Website and Animations to Raise Awareness About Male Breast Cancer
Description: This year, more than 2,000 men will be diagnosed with male breast cancer and roughly 500 will die of the disease. The outcomes for men with breast cancer are typically worse than those for women as the disease is usually discovered at a later stage in men. Outcomes for men could be improved by early detection. I Didn’t Think It Could Happen To Me is a CMS based website featuring information about how to perform a self-examination, downloadable posters and brochures showing the signs and symptoms of male breast cancer, and links to additional medical websites. The site also will include a stop motion video about male breast cancer. The video features Ken and Barbie dolls as the actors. In the video, the viewer will follow Ken as he is diagnosed with breast cancer, undergoes a mastectomy and receives follow up treatment. Interactive links in the video will direct users to additional information about male breast cancer.

Fall 2019 - Instructor: Jose Luis Ramirez Herran

  • Aionno: an application to match student needs and teacher actions
  • Bringing Interactivity to Neuroscience Publications on PubMed using 3D-Printing and Arduino
  • Digital Twins: An interactive web manual using 3D js visualization to repair 3D printers
  • Enhancing an Analog Pinball Experience using IoT, NodeJS and Augmented Reality
  • Studio In A Box: A scalable and affordable film production studio for high school and college education

Spring 2020 - Instructor: Allyson Sherlock

  • A Heart on the Mend Feature Film (film campaign package)
  • Audiobrake.com (Product Design and website)
  • Chinese Astrology Website (website)
  • Closing the Handwork Experience Gap Course (course design)
  • Cross World Puzzle: An experimental short video (video and website)
  • Design Better Learning with Mayer's Multimedia Principles (animations)
  • Explorations: Digital Design & the World (website)
  • For Our Future: A Documentary Short of Alvin Tedjo's Run for Premier of Ontario"  (film)
  • Growth: A Multimedia Campaign About Navigating Mental Health and Finding the Beauty in the Process (multimedia campaign and website)
  • Innolab – Free technology access in libraries (film and website) 
  • LocalPetz.net (website)
  • Swipe Left: The Age of Disposable Relationships (film)
  • Transit-Priority.com - Visualizing MBTA Data to Solve Congestion Problems in the City of Boston (interactive website)
  • TutorLives.com (website)
  • Video Content Creation for HurtbyFire.com: A series of short videos and animations for a fire-victim education website (videos and animations)
  • Virtual Reality and the Future of Learning (website)
  • WholeGrainGuide.com: An Interactive Guide to Milling and Baking with Whole Grains (website)

Spring 2020 - Instructor: Jose Luis Ramirez Herran

  • An Open Educational Resource (OER) Learning Management System forSustainability and Environment Studies
  • BriSense:Snap-on IoT Device for Public Waste Disposal Bins to Ensure Cleaner Communities
  • “Cape Cod Hoofprints, an online community for horse owners on Cape Cod.” 
  • “Continuous UX: Ship and maintain products user love” course
  • Digital Marketing Automation Platform: Backend and Frontend Development
  • FunEduGeo (may change in the future), an Interactive AR educational GeographyGame.
  • Internet of emotions in confined spaces and retreat options
  • Lock My Bike
  • Martial Art Movement Tracker (A wearable device to track the movement of a Taekwondo athlete)
  • MyWed App, a productivity and social media app for planning the ultimate wedding reception.
  • Qwizm, a client-side assessment system with randomized numerical inputs
  • The Digital Communications Group Customer Chatbot and Marketplace
  • The Thirty-One Percent: Combining content creation and web design to tell the stories of women business owners.