Bridging Science and Practice in Human Development Capstone (PSYC E-599)

About the Capstone

The Capstone class offers students the opportunity to create a project that is informed by, and based on, concepts from human development research.

The goal of the spring Capstone class is to create a bridge between the academic work and relevant areas of practice. In doing so, students will work creatively and intellectually to carry out the project they proposed in the fall class, which involves creating a prototype (e.g. of a lesson plan, of a program design, of a professional development workshop). Students will make regular presentations on research that is relevant to their projects as well as on the development of their projects themselves. Given the workshop design of the course, students will provide constructive feedback to one another to strengthen each project.

By the end of spring term, each student will have produced a research-based prototype and an academic paper that explicates the choices made in creating the prototype.

To support research on your specific topic, we recommend that you visit the

Capstone Faculty

Katie Marie Heikkinen, EdD, Lecturer in Extension, Harvard University

Course Links

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Capstone Course: PSYC E-599 Bridging Science and Practice in Human Development Capstone