Information Management Systems Capstone

Prof Zoya Kinstler"I always enjoy meeting students in person when we gather for our weekend session on campus. Three things happen during this special weekend: 1) a significant amount of new course material gets learned and discussed; 2) students start to collaborate on team projects where they bring their own academic knowledge, unique talents, and industry experiences; and 3) the social bonding occurs that is so crucial for the college experience: people find new friends and, of course, buy Harvard shirts at the Coop. Just to illustrate the professional make-up of our class: there’re two Chief Information Officers of large companies, three Technology Directors, a tech startup founder, an enterprise architect with 40 years of experience, and a European college professor."

— Zoya Kinstler, instructor.


For the Information Management System capstone you work with an international team of professionals to select an enterprise-scale business problem and develop a digital technology solution.  You work in a team to research current trends, identify a problem, plan a solution, and present a proposal to an assembled faculty panel.

The project requirements differ slightly between the two IMS capstone courses currently offered. ISMT E-599 focuses on the Digital Enterprise, while ISMT E-599a concentrates on Information Management. Both are taught in a similar format but explore different subject matters. For more course specific information, see ISMT E-599 or ISMT E-599a.

Course Sequencing

You ordinarily take the capstone as your final, one and only remaning degree requirement. At a minimum, you need to have completed at least 36 credits, including all the core degree requirements, to be eligible for capstone. The capstone is offered online with a mandatory weekend on campus during the fall and spring term. In summer, the capstone is offered as an on-campus course during the intensive, seven-week session.


Zoya Kinstler, PhD, Distinguished Member Technical Staff, Verizon Communications, Inc. (ISMT 599)

Richard E. Joltes, ALM, Senior Content Analytics Architect, US Department of Transportation (ISMT 599a)

Information Management Systems faculty at Harvard Extension School