Capstone in Management

Henrik Totterman“For me, the ultimate goal is for management students to gain an in-depth understanding of what it takes to build and lead a modern company or to work in such an engaging enterprise after graduation. I've designed the capstone for students with the ambition to lead and build modern companies as employees, entrepreneurs, or business consultants. You'll learn all the phases, skills, and process of entrepreneurial management. Then, you'll apply this methodology to a client company project. You'll experience firsthand how to transform culture and drive sustainable growth by helping your client implement a system of entrepreneurial management."

— Henrik Totterman, Instructor


The management program capstone, Entrepreneurship in Action, offers you the experience of consulting for a real-world organization to present them with a carefully designed and well-researched solution to a current problem or question. Depending on the client assignment, your deliverable may take on many forms, including a project, analysis paper, or business plan.

You complete the capstone work in a classroom setting with fellow degree candidates, all of whom are working toward the same goal. The project is faculty directed in that there is a structured syllabus and a similar final project for all students. Registration for the capstone is the same as a course, however you must pay close attention to prerequisites and course sequencing.

The capstone builds on previous insights by focusing on key competencies learned throughout the program on how to execute entrepreneurial management in a modern company setting. Entrepreneurial management, as compared to corporate management, is the guiding model. The focus will be on flexibility, innovation, resource management, and responsiveness when starting and operating high growth potential ventures.

By learning the underlying method, you'll gain an understanding of the challenges in the entrepreneurial process including: (1) the ability to solve heterogeneous problems with speed, (2) drive profit through adaptation and agility, and (3) conserve resources while keeping people engaged in times of continuous transformation. Upon completion of the capstone course, you will have analyzed a corporate challenge and presented your solutions to a corporate partner.

Capstone Faculty

Henrik Totterman, DSc, President, LeadX3M and Professor of Practice, Entrepreneurship and Management, Hult International Business School.

Course Links

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