Museum Studies

For museum studies, capstones are independent projects focused on a current issue or problem that has become compelling for you during your course of study. The project can also provide an opportunity to showcase skills in a format that can be presented to future employers. You complete the work in a classroom setting with fellow candidates.

Registration for the capstone is similar to registration for a course, but the project must be approved many months in advance.

What to Expect in the Capstone Course

The course, MUSE E-599, provides students with the opportunity to complete a capstone project related to their professional interests. Capstone projects can include an analysis of a compelling and hotly debated issue within the field of museum studies or, perhaps, a creation of a final product that can be used as demonstration of one’s expertise to future or current employers, such as, a museum education curriculum, multimedia design, or exhibit.

Each student will have a content expert during the capstone course.  The capstone content resource is drawn from the Museum Studies faculty, or in some cases, high level museum professionals at Harvard University.  The selection is made in conversation with the Research Advisor.

You register for the capstone in your final semester, with all course work complete, including the internship. The course is offered fall and spring and is online with a mandatory on-campus weekend.