Social Justice Capstone: Bridges to JustPeace

Diane Moore, HDSThe social justice capstone was designed to give students in the Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) fields of government and religion the opportunity to make a practical, social justice impact for the betterment of their communities. The project is faculty directed with a structured syllabus and a similar final project for all students; however, you can decide, with guidance from the instructor, on the community that you want to work with given your academic passion and professional expertise.


Precapstone Course and Capstone

Precapstone course

The first step is to register for the precapstone course, GOVT E-597A Precapstone: Bridges to Just Peace (fall), where you'll develop the coalition proposal. You must complete this course with a grade of B- or higher to be eligible to register for the capstone the following semester.

Coalition building proposals will vary, but all will build upon the precapstone themes and methods in explicit ways, citing reading and other course resources. In addition, the proposal needs to include a concise description of the plan aimed at the community members you hope will join your project.

Finally, the proposal should identify the following:

  • coalition partners and strategies for collaboration.
  • coalition goals.
  • concrete steps to be undertaken for the coalition to be formed.
  • how to link efforts to other established groups or movements.
  • possible obstacles and/or challenges in implementation.
  • how to assess progress/success.

To support research on your specific coalition topic, we recommend that you review Harvard Library's information on government research. Visit the link guides by subject, and then choose Government and Public Policy, where you'll find 40+ links to various topics such as, poverty and income inequality. In addition, you can choose religion, where you'll find 20+ links on various topics.


Once you complete the precapstone course, the next semester you register for the capstone, GOVT E-599A Social Justice Capstone: Bridges to Just Peace (spring), where you will implement the coalition building proposal that you completed in the precapstone.

Capstone Faculty

Diane L. Moore, PhD, Lecturer on Religion, Conflict, and Peace, Harvard Divinity School