GOVT E-599A Past Capstone Titles and Examples

Spring 2018 - Instructor: Diane L. Moore, PhD

BridgeLA: Building Coalitions Among Student Groups in Los Angeles
Student worked with established youth groups from diverse communities in LA to bring them together to identify common causes and activities to address them.

Building Interfaith Support for Local Women’s Center
Student worked to challenge “pro-choice/pro-life” binary by soliciting support from diverse religious communities to unite with goal to minimize factors that lead to unplanned pregnancies.

A Coalition for Free Speech: Challenging a State Statute that Prohibits “Profane Swearing” in Public
Student established coalition of civic groups dedicated to working together to remove a seventy-year old state statute prohibiting swearing in public that is enforced in a discriminatory manner.

Democrats for Israel
Student created a branch of Democrats for Israel in her local community.

Gender Equity: Teaching Dignity to Transform the Culture of Gender Violence
Student worked with community leaders in Dominican Republic to introduce them to dignity model as vehicle to promote gender equity and diminish experiences of gender violence in schools.

Public Park Trail and Facility Restoration
Student built coalition of volunteers to help my small city in Vermont preserve green spaces and sports facilities so community members have platform for relationship building, self-confidence development, and wellness.

Read. Reflect. Connect: Hosting a Literary Discussion Series About Race
Student worked with the Office of City and Community Affairs at student’s undergraduate alma mater to create book club focused on race that brought together diverse members of urban community.

Senior Unity: Providing Opportunities for South Caucasians to Unite in Fellowship
Student who works in elder care field in Russia created social opportunities for seniors from warring factions of previous Soviet Union to engage with one another constructively in social settings.

Understanding Teenage Prostitution: Causes and Consequences
Student wrote and organized a public reading of a play highlighting the stories of two fictional teenage prostitutes.  The performers and audience for the reading were drawn from diverse communities that knew little about teenage prostitution.

Spring 2019 - Instructor: Diane L. Moore, PhD

  • Educating Ourselves: Why and how white teachers in Leon County can form a successful partnership with students of color and their families
  • Healthcare for All
  • Lack of Minority Participation in Clinical Trials: Community Solutions, by Debra Kiel-Dickens.  Paper
  • The Manhattan Foundation
  • Massasoit Community College: Promoting Native American Cultural Awareness, by Jannie Gilson.  Paper
  • Respect, Compassion, Sensitivity: A Coalition Building Proposal for the Members of St. Theresa Church and its LGBT Members and Their Families
  • Strengthening the Jewish Community Through Uncomfortable Conversations

Spring 2020 - Instructor: Diane L. Moore, PhD

A Coalition to Mitigate the Negative Effects of Gentrification in Roxbury
This coalition is  multi-racial, multi-ethnic group of neighbors working to mitigate the harmful effects of gentrification on those of us who are most vulnerable.

Collegiate Food Security Coalition
The Coalition is comprised of members of the college’s community that are passionate about the academic success of their students and recognize the deep impact of food insecurity related stigma that can only be reduced from student inclusion in the development of the solution.

JustPeace Coalition: Verizon Media and NCMEC
This is a coalition between Verizon Media and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children intended to improve the speed that child sexual abuse materials are identified and processed to identify perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Military Spouses United: A Global Coalition
This project highlights the voices of military spouses to help raise awareness of the contributions they make and the challenges they face within military structures.

Uniting Secular and Religious Romanian Communities
This project focused on uniting secular and religious Romanians with a focus on raising consciousness about the plight of undocumented immigrants.

We All Count
We All Count raises awareness of the 2020 census, encourages participation, dispels myths about it by capitalizing on the trust Latino communities have placed on their faith leaders and helps diminish structural, direct, cultural and institutional violence in Rhode Island.

A Women’s Coalition for Pan Orthodox Christian Unity
This coalition project was designed to create an alliance where Orthodox Christians could discuss the concept of being Pan-Orthodox and how to further develop unity.