Software Engineering

For the Software Engineering Capstone, you will work in a team on a project designed by the instructor.

You register as you would any other course, ordinarily in your final semester. See CSCI E-599.

About CSCI E-599

Most of the software projects you have developed throughout your academic career are likely individual projects.  However, most industry projects are much larger and are consequently developed by teams. 

This course aims to fill this gap by developing and deploying a significant semester-long software engineering project with a team of ~5 people.  The project includes the requirements gathering, planning, designing, coding, testing, documentation, and release stages of the software development lifecycle.  Accompanying lectures aim to provide timely concepts from the software engineering body of knowledge as they relate to the course project. 

The course includes best practices, project management concepts, and introduces many of the current tools that assist software project teams.  The final projects are presented to a faculty panel at the end of the semester.  Most of the projects in recent years have been presented at conferences.