The sustainability program gives you the option of completing a capstone or a thesis.  Some guidelines for deciding are here and here.

If you choose to complete a capstone, you have the option to take one of two capstone courses:

ENVR 599 Independent Research Capstone provides you with a directed opportunity to complete an original study related to your personal or professional interests within Sustainability & Environmental Management.  Applying knowledge towards solving real world problems is enabled through close work with the course instructor and additional resource experts.  Participants often use their Capstone research as a bridge to future career aspirations. 

Previous and potential project examples include:

  • Green building project design
  • Life-cycle analyses
  • Biodiversity modeling for conservation planning
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation—national, regional, or municipal policy evaluation
  • Interventions, curricula, or protocols developed for community, NGO, corporate, government or other institutional stakeholders

ENVR 599a Consulting with Clients for Sustainability Solutions Capstone imparts knowledge and develops skills for planning sustainability projects and recommending solutions for organizations of at least 50 individuals (staff, customers, suppliers) including small businesses, non-profits or local townships. Common client goals are reduction of operating costs, minimization the environmental footprint and improvement of sustainability practices. Typical areas addressed: energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, supply chain management, green IT and transportation. Analytical, communication, emotional intelligence, consultative, project management and team working are key competencies which are developed or enhanced.

Deliverables for the course are a customized Sustainability Action Plan and a presentation to the client stakeholders; i.e., the leadership team and staff. Past clients include Amazon, Cambridge Center for Adult Education, General Electric, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, NYC Health + Hospitals, and State Street Corporation.

To enroll, students must have their consulting projects pre-approved by submitting the capstone proposal form by the dates provided above. The course is offered in the fall, spring and summer.

You need to take the capstone as your final semester enrollment, following completion of all other course work. Both capstones are offered on campus, for the fall and spring semesters and for the three-weeks summer term.