For  journalism, capstones are independent projects focused on a current issue or problem that has become compelling for you during your course of study. The project can also provide an opportunity to showcase skills in a format that can be presented to future employers. Although you register for the capstone, JOUR E-599, as if it were a course, you work one-on-one with your capstone director.

Registration for the capstone is similar to registration for a course, but the project must be approved many months in advance.

What to Expect in the Capstone Course

The course, JOUR E-599, entails a portfolio of several related stories that are completed over the course of one semester. You apply knowledge and skills obtained in the program to complete a significant journalism project under the direction of a professional in the field.  Over the course of the capstone semester, you'll conduct an in-depth investigation of a single topic and emerge with a portfolio of new work suitable for publishing, posting, or broadcasting.

You can register after you have been admitted to the program and you have completed 36 credits. You work independently with the guidance of an assigned capstone director to complete the project within a one-semester timeframe. The capstone can be completed at a distance.