ENVR E-599 Past Capstone Titles and Examples

  • Achieving Sustainable Food Security Through Resilient Agricultural Practices: Theoretical Analysis and Framework for Southern Asian Nations. Spring 2020.
  • Addressing the Gender Equality Gap in India Through a Sustainable Feminine Hygiene Access Program. Spring 2020.
  • An International, Comparative Analysis of Urban Sustainability and Innovation: Improvements Recommended for Current Indexing Approaches. Spring 2020.
  • Evaluating the Role of Social Media in Climate Change Communication. Spring 2020.
  • Fair Food?  Indexing Urban Food Equity in Somerville, Massachusetts. Spring 2020.
  • Home Rules: Examining How Smart Growth Policies Relate to Housing Sustainability in Arlington, Virginia. Spring 2020.
  • Leveraging Digital Transformation Practices: Can Water Quality be Improved Rapidly? Spring 2020.
  • More Than Just a Facade: An Evaluation of the Particulate Matter ReductionPotential of Plants Used for Green Facades in Boston, Massachusetts. Spring 2020.
  • Power to the People: Distributed Renewable Energy as a Pathway to Climate, Energy & Economic Equity in Nevada. Spring 2020.
  • Re-Imagining Socioeconomic Development within Extreme Poverty Areas: The Nexus of Food-Water-Energy and Lima, Peru’s Yaku Suyay Project. Spring 2020.
  • Removal Efficiency of Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in Drinking Water Treatment Systems:  A Case Study in Unintended Consequences. Spring 2020.
  • To What Extent Can Municipal Textile Recycling Programs Deliver Environmental & Economic Benefits? An Analysis of the Textile Waste Stream in Beckley, WV. Spring 2020.
  • To What Extent Can Regulations and Emissions Trading Make California Oil a Carbon Sink? Spring 2020.

Spring 2021: A Selection of Capstone Titles

  • Analyzing Implementation Barriers to Farm-to-School Programs: Comparisons between New York State’s Rural and Urban Areas. Spring 2021.
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction: Evaluating Rooftop Grid-Connected, Distributed Photovoltaic Systems Relative to CO2 Emissions at U.S. Retail Corporations. Spring 2021.
  • Kinetic Cities: The Viability of Adaptable PnP Modules for Smart Living. Spring 2021.
  • Next-Gen Benchmarking: To what extent can a regenerative design index demonstrate value in community sustainability? Spring 2021.