CSCI E-599 Past Capstone Titles and Examples

  1. TrialSearch: an intuitive platform for searching for clinical trials using a graph database of and PubMed
  2. SmartForm: a simple customer and request tracker using a novel approach to learn the appropriate fields for the forms.
  3. K Descriptor Language (KDL): a new domain-specific language developed to convert the visual analytical programming language KNIME into a text-based representation and back.
  4. Horizontally Scalable Web Crawler: a new efficient web crawling platform that scales effectively using container management and combines machine learning filtering
  5. a goal-driven sequential course recommendation system for MOOCs and other courses
  6. Invention Disclosure System: platform to support patent filing that leverages blockchain
  7. Reference Visualization Tool: interactive and visual network analysis approach for conducting journal searches using citation data
  8. OBI-1 Biomedical Imaging Platform: imaging pipeline management platform that tracks images, metadata, and output features

  1. PubMiner: An Interactive Tool for Demographic-enriched PubMed Searches
  2. Hand Hygiene Monitoring System (H2MS)
  3. VENKMAN: Web Psychology Testing
  4. Blockchain Recommendation Letter System
  5. Enhanced Meeting Planner


  1. Package Picker:  A recommender system for javascript and python libraries/packages based on a Github repository
  2. ClinTwin360:  An iphone app for matching patients to clinical trials including coordinating Apple health and virtual trials.
  3. EU Green Deal:  A data explorer that integrates and visualizes multiple air pollution data sets against the European Union targets.
  4. Winnow:  A PubMed search utility that ranks gene relationships to diseases (MeSH) terms and the converse search.


  1. ChemDataExplorer:  Integration of multiple small molecule data sources for pharmacokinetic, ADMET, and pharmaceutical science analyses.
  2. Visual Programming with PyWorkflow:  A new visual programming platform for native python code with containers.
  3. Trend Detection:  Visualization and analytic platform for predicting which disease-gene relationships are likely to ramp up.
  4. Broad Multi-Layer Image Annotator:  A client web-based image visualization and annotation system for biomedical images.